You Go, iPad Users!

I might be wrong, but it seems to me that the iPad users of ReciFoto post a lot of recipes that they screenshot from the internet, either from FaceBook or whatever favorite food/recipes sites they have. I think this is really cool. We started ReciFoto because it was dedicated to recipes, and would make it easier for you to find and store the recipes you love, no matter what the source.

In no particular order, here are my observations of the top sources for recipes on ReciFoto:

Treasured family recipes that are either handwritten or typed

Community/church/temple cookbooks

Paste ups (recipes clipped from newspapers and glued to 3 x 5 cards)

Pages ripped from magazines

Internet screenshots

Whether you are posting one recipe, 600 recipes, or just browsing others, we’re glad that you are taking advantage of what the app has to offer. The community grows everyday, as does the number of recipes posted. The search function gets a good workout as well. Hopefully more users will get the In App Purchase for 99 cents, which allows them to collect recipes from the Public recipe scroll and their searches. It’s not enough to keep the lights on here, but it helps!

You can download ReciFoto for iPad here.