You Can’t Teach a Crab to Walk Straight

We’re spending this weekend at friends’ incredible house on Fire Island. So, I thought I would search ReciFoto for one of my beach favorites, clams. I was surprised to find that many of the clam recipes used canned minced clams. As a result, I called an audible and went searching for crab recipes instead! However I will give you my favorite way to prepare clams first. Soak your clams in a bowl of cold water for twenty minutes to an hour. This will help get the sand out of the clams. I’ve read, but have not tried, that if you put corn meal or black pepper in the water, the clams work a little harder to get the grit out. Once your done soaking your clams, put them on the grill for five to ten minutes until they open up. You can dip them in butter or sprinkle them with lemon juice, but personally, I like them plain. Even if you are on your suburban patio, it tastes like a day at the beach. And now, on to the crabs!

Mrs. George Washington’s Crab Soup

Crab Appetizer

Crab Meat in Ramekins

Sturgeon Balls with Crab Supreme

Sausalito Crab Cakes

Crab Cakes

Meeting Street Crab Meet

Hot Crabmeat Club Cipango

Mr. Peppe’s Crabmeat Peggy – yes, it’s canned crabmeat, but I loved the name and the description. Feel free to substitute fresh crab!

What are your favorite crab recipes?  Please share them on ReciFoto.

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