Who Wants Pizza?

I was all set to do a newsletter on salmon, but then I got a hankering for pizza. Maybe it’s because my kids are home from college. Pizza was definitely a very important part of my caloric intake in college. And pizza was good any time of day or night. In most parts of the country, you can get pretty good take out pizza. And there’s even a growing number of people that have pizza ovens either indoors or outdoors and make their own. Here’s a selection of mostly unconventional, mostly easy pizza recipes from ReciFoto users that I hope you’ll find good any time of day or night! But honestly, there’s no substitute for a great wood fired, brick oven pizza. Second best, though, is to get yourself a pizza stone, like the one pictured above, so you get a great crust to go with your delicious toppings.Breakfast Pizza

Watermelon Pizza

Quick Cheese Pizza

Vegetable Pizza

Pizza Rustica


Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Vegetable Naan Pizza

Deep Dish Biscuit Pizza

One Pan Pizza

Have a great week!