We’re Cooking Now

Thanks to the great article on PureWow.com, we’ve doubled the number of registered users this week and seen a big uptick in the number of recipes added, too. Their subtitle, “A Social Network for Your Recipe Box” really hits the nail on the head, in a funny away.

One woman got in touch with me and told me that she had added about 100 recipes.  It gives me great pleasure to see the App being used the way that I always thought it should be! Hopefully we can keep this momentum going.  I’m hoping that we’ll get mentions on other food and lifestyle blogs and websites. A good article in a widely circulated blog or website gets more downloads than advertising.

So, let’s get social with you and your recipes! If you don’t have it yet, take a moment to download ReciFoto for  iPhone/iPod  and/or iPad for Free.


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