Together We Shall Rule the (Recipe) World!

We’ve embarked on a project to build the world’s largest crowd sourced collection of photos of recipes and you can be a part of it.  All you need to participate is an iPhone or iPad with iOS7 and to download the ReciFoto app from the iTunes App Store, which you can do for free by clicking HERE for ReciFoto for iPhone or Click here to download ReciFoto for iPad!

ReciFoto has a ton of great features. You can follow your favorite posters, like their recipes, and comment on them. You can post your recipes by taking pictures of them or if you already have the picture on your phone, you can post it from your album.

To learn about all the neat things you can do with the ReciFoto App, click HERE.

Thanks for visiting and if you are visiting from StumbleUpon, a big Thumbs Up to you! So, let’s have some fun together. Download RecoFoto for iPhone and ReciFoto for iPad!


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