User’s Question: Is there a way to take a picture of, and show both sides of a #recipe card?

Well, yes and no. Within the app, the best way is to take a picture of the back of the recipe card first, post it with the designation 2/2, part 2, continued, ingredients, or whatever you like best.

Otherwise, if you want to get fancy, there is an app called Frontback that you can download, use, save to your album and then add from your album. There’s another app called InstaCollage that you can use too.

Since it is so quick and painless to add recipes/images (especially if you use the dictation feature that is so much improved in iOS8), your best bet is to probably just take the picture of the front and back, posting the back first so that as users scroll it will appear with the ingredients and initial directions first.

I hope this answers your question. Thanks for downloading ReciFoto, and feel free to ask any other questions, make comments or suggestions for updates. We really do pay attention!