The Third Tab – Add a Recipe

The third tab looks like a camera. Here you’ll be able to take a picture of a recipe with your phone’s camera, or add it from your phone’s album. (We’ll update this for Obsession.Shoes soon, but the functions for both apps are the same).

  1. Tap on the Camera Tab and then, tap on the words Upload photo.
  2. You can choose Camera, to take a picture, or Album to add it from your phone’s album.
  3. If you choose Camera, snap a picture by hitting the big white dot. If you don’t like the picture, hit the Retake button and try again.  Otherwise, you can choose to add a filter to the image, or just tap on Done
  4. Tap the red bar at the top to add your title and optional hashtag and an optional URL to your website or blog. You don’t need to add www before the web address.  When you tap the title bar, the keyboard will come up on your screen. If you want the title to be in all capital letters, then double tap the up arrow first. The arrow will be white with a gray box around it. You can try to use the microphone by clicking the microphone icon next to the space bar to dictate the title. Once you’ve typed or dictated the title and optional hashtag and/or URL, tap Return on the bottom right of the keyboard.
  5. At the bottom right of the screen you’ll see the switch to make your recipe Public (On) or Private (Off). The default position is On You can always change it later.
  6. Then hit the Submit button at the top right of the screen, and you’re done. A message will pop up to tell you that your Recipe has successfully uploaded. Then tap OK.
  7. You can then upload another photo, or hit one of the other tabs.
  8. The Fourth Tab – My Recipes

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