The Second Tab – Search

The second tab looks like a magnifying glass. This is where you’ll be able to search for recipes by name. (We’ll update this for Obsession.Shoes soon, but the functions for both apps are the same).

  1. Just under the word search, there is a search box into which you can type in what you would like to find. If your search does not yield any results at first, try again, but type fewer letters as you or the person who entered the recipe may have misspelled the title.
  2. Below the search box, you’ll see recent popular searches. You can tap any of those words to see what comes up.
  3. Tap on any of the search results to bring up the Share button. Our next update will allow you to save a searched recipe to your collection.
  4. You can also Like or Comment on any of the searched recipes by clicking on the Heart or Speech Bubble.  Clicking on the … will allow you to add a recipe to your collection if you have the In App Purchase, or Flag something as inappropriate.
  5. The Third Tab – Add a Recipe


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