The Fifth Tab – Profile

The fifth tab looks like a group of three people. (We’ll update this for Obsession.Shoes soon, but the functions for both apps are the same).

1. Tap on the Account tile at the top of the page to edit your information.

2. Tap on the Silhouette image and you’ll be able to add a profile picture.

3. Below that you can add a short Bio.

4. By tapping on the Recipes tile, you can see a list of your recipes.  To go further down the list than you can see on the screen, pull up, hold and release, and more Titles will load.  Tap on any of the Titles to go to the recipe. If you want to edit a recipe, tap on the recipe title once you have opened up that recipe by selecting it from the list. Make the changes you want, and then hit return.

5. Tap on the Following and Followers tiles to see whom you are Following, and who is following you.  Tap on any of the Users’ names in that list to go to their profile. Then you’ll be able to see their profile picture, bio, and tap on the tiles to see their recipes, their followers, and whom they are following.

6. At the top of the screen on the right hand side, you’ll notice a gear in the black bar.  You will be presented with several options, including Tips and Tricks, which will take you to these helpful hints on how to get the most out of ReciFoto, Invite Friends to Download ReciFoto, which opens up an e mail with a link to the App store, which you can send to a friend so they can download ReciFoto, too. As we like to say, it’s more fun with friends! The next option is to Buy the In App Purchase, which allows you to collect others’ recipes. The remaining options are to shop at various stores.



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