ReciFoto Version 1.3 Submitted to iTunes App Store

The new version of ReciFoto has been submitted to the iTunes App Store and is waiting for review. New features include the following:

1. You will now be able to log in to ReciFoto via Facebook.
2. Recipe titles can now contain hyperlinks to your blog or website.
3. Images will rotate so that they are not on their side.
4. You can delete your own recipes after they are added.
5. You can edit the title of your recipe.
6. You can invite friends to try Recifoto.
7. You can now share recipes to more social media sites. So in addition to e mailing recipes, you can share them via SMS, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Delicious, and many more!
8. You can delete recipes you’ve added to your collection.
9. You can shop at various stores from inside the app.
10.Bug fixes.

With these enhancements, additions, and fixes, we think you’ll enjoy ReciFoto more than ever.