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photo 1This free new app is like Instagram for recipes” according to a recent review on Just take a picture of a recipe you want to save, or load it from your device’s album. Make it Private, so that only you have access to it, or share it with all ReciFoto users by making it Public. The only information you have to enter is the recipe’s name; there is no tedious entry of ingredients or instructions.

You get the following features with ReciFoto:

  • Add an unlimited number of your own recipes
  • Add a hash tag (#) to your recipe’s title to make it searchable by category
  • Search or scroll through thousands of recipesphoto
  • Share recipes with just a couple of taps to e mail contacts, or Tweet it, send it to Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, or Flickr
  • Save other’s recipes to your own collection with a $.99 In App Purchase
  • Follow others whose recipes interest you and attract your own followers
  • Like and Comment on recipes
  • Create a user avatar and profile

ReciFoto is the App to help you manage yophoto 2ur file boxes or piles of recipes and share them quickly and easily with your friends and family. Just snap, save, share and savor! For more information on how to use ReciFoto, visit ReciFoto Tips and Tricks

Download ReciFoto for iPhone/iPod

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  1. You have a hankering for pancakes and ReciFoto has over 3 dozen pancake recipes!
  2. You have a pile of recipes on your desk and you don’t know what to do with them.Crostini
  3. Your grandmother has a zillion great recipes on file cards that you really love and you want an easy way to have access to them.
  4. There’s nothing like homemade bread, and there are more than 20 recipes for different types of bread.
  5. You’re at the doctor’s office leafing through a magazine and you see a recipe that you love and don’t want to tear out the page, because you’re not that kind of person.
  6. You love to look through other people’s recipes and there are over 1800 recipes on ReciFoto!
  7. There are over two dozen recipes with chocolate.
  8. By downloading the ReciFoto app to your iPhone, registering and adding three public recipes, you’ll be able to enter our frequent contests and win valuable prizes
  9. The Inuit have many words for snow, and we have  over 40 recipes for chicken.
  10. ReciFoto is available as an iPhone/iPod App, an iPad App, and on your computer at

For information on how to get the most out of ReciFoto, click HERE.

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