Public vs Private Recipes

You are shyer than than I expected.  The majority of you keep your recipes private.  That’s okay, but they look pretty tasty, and it’s nice to share!

Or, maybe, your recipes are Private for another reason – the default setting of ReciFoto is Private.  So, to make your recipes Public, look for the Public switch on the bottom right of the screen below the recipe and touch it so that it slides to On.  If you are loading multiple recipes in a session, it should stay on Public until you change it.

Once your recipe is loaded you can change it from Private to Public by tapping on the Chef Hat icon at the bottom of the screen, then, tap on the Public switch so that it moves to the On position. Then tap Back at the top left of the screen, and your recipe will now be available in the Public Recipe feed.
You may have noticed that the Public Recipe feed is a stream, so the latest recipes are the ones that appear at the top.  You can scroll through the recipes to the bottom, than pull, hold and release to load another 10 recipes.  You can keep on doing this until you get as far as you want.Public recipes are also available by Search. So if you know what you are looking for you might find it there.  There are thousands of Public recipes from all over, so you should find what you are looking for.To find your own Private recipes, click on the Profile tab (the fifth tab that looks like a group of people). You’ll see a red tab with the number of recipes you’ve posted.  Tap that, and you’ll get a list of recipes in the order in which they were entered. You can get more items in your list when you reach the bottom by pulling up, holding, and releasing.Public or Private, you can still share your recipes via e mail or your favorite social media.  But by making your recipes Public, you allow others to Follow you, Comment on your recipes, and Like them, as well as enabling folks to find your recipe in a Search.Thanks for using ReciFoto, and keep posting those recipes – Public or Private!Have questions? E mail or tweet to @recifoto.