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Please download ReciFoto, you can get it here for free from the iTunes App Store: iPhone/iPod App and iPad App .  This week, we crossed the 4000 download mark for ReciFoto.  I will be walking on air if you help me get to 5000 fast. By the end of the weekend, we should have over 1500 recipes posted by users like you (and me).

Get in on the fun now! You can Like recipes, follow users, collect recipes, post recipes.  And it is all fun, fast and easy. Kind of like Instagram for recipes.

Download ReciFoto now for FREE, either the  iPhone/iPod App or iPad App.

Help me get to 5000 downloads.  Be the first of your friends to get in on hottest new recipe app! And if you are a food blogger, contact me at and I’ll pay you to post an article on ReciFoto.

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