Mom’s Chicken Recipes

Chicken is the top searched item in ReciFoto. And there are more than 1500 chicken recipes that have been submitted by our users. So why haven’t I used them as the theme of one of these weekly newsletters? I did not know where to start until this morning, when I decided to start in the beginning, with the chicken recipes my mom makes.

Iacono Chicken – The Iacono’s have a poultry farm in East Hampton, NY. This is a simple, delicious roast chicken recipe.

Baked Breaded Chicken

Chicken and Fruit – feel free to use butter instead of margarine!

Chicken Sauté with Oranges and Avocados – I don’t remember her making this but it sure does sound good

Sour Cream Baked Chicken – we call this one Grandma Chicken, and have it often

Chicken Favorite – again, feel free to substitute butter for margarine. I love this sauce.

Cumberland Chicken – another one I can’t resist!

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