Memories and Oddities

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When I was a kid,  my mom would sometimes make animal shaped cakes for my birthday.  Apparently my Aunt Jo did so too for her kids.  Aunt Jo copied a couple  of the recipes into her family cookbook, Making Memories. I’ve copied the Dandy-Lion Cake here.  You can see Ella the Elephant if you look at the Public Recipe Feed on the ReciFoto app.  The cakes

Dandy-Lion Cake
Dandy-Lion Cake

were always a big hit with me and my friends.  My mom made one for my son when he  had his first birthday.   I think his was a dog.  We have a picture somewhere at home.  More of the cake ended up on his face than in his stomach.

One of the fun things about ReciFoto is the opportunity to resurrect these memories and to share them with others.

Another thing that I’ve enjoyed is seeing some of the oddball recipes, like the Asparagus Soup Salad pictured below, which combines a can of asparagus soup with lime jello, cream cheese and mayonnaise.  And then there is the Tuna Fish, Banana and Pineapple Salad.  Somebody loved these recipes enough to write them down and submit them

Asparagus Soup Salad
Asparagus Soup Salad

to a fundraiser cookbook for all of the members of their community to see! Well, as they say, there’s no accounting for taste.

If you would like to get in on the fun, download the iPhone/iPod App and/or iPad App. You can get lost browsing through these recipes (There are more than 2300 recipes so far).  Better yet, dig up some of your families treasured recipes or oddballs, and share them.

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