Let’s Have Cake!

It’s my birthday today, so cake is on my mind. I just did a search on ReciFoto, and there are hundreds and hundreds of cake recipes. People like cake. My own personal favorite is kind of birthday cake is chocolate, but as long as the cake is shared with people I love, it really doesn’t matter what kind it is.

A couple of years ago I bought a box of recipe cards that included a bunch from Rockwood’s Chocolate Bits, which is now defunct. Think of chocolate bits as the equivalent of chocolate chips. Their factory is now lofts for hipsters in Brooklyn, I think. But the recipe cards are pretty cool. The other two recipes were from a book that my mom and other members of her generation in our family used to make birthday cakes for us when we were little. Enjoy!

Devil’s Food Cake

Marble Cake

Hawaiian Refrigerator Cake

Chocolate Bits Cup Cakes

Simple Tips for Baking Successful Cakes

Ella Elephant

Dandy-Lion Cake

Bonus: Jiffy Fudge Frosting

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