How To Add A #Recipe From Your Blog or Website to ReciFoto Using The App

1. Pick a recipe!

2. Take a screenshot:

With an iPhone or iPad, you take a screenshot by holding down the home button and power button at the same time. It goes into your photos.

With Android, you hold the power button and volume down button at the same time. It also goes into your photos.

With a Mac, you hit Command, Shift and the 4 key at the same time to bring up a cursor that allows you to select the image. Hold the mouse button or track pad down to select a square image (works best).

Windows – sorry it’s been years, but here’s a link to that tells you how.

3. Copy the URL of the recipe page, if it is long, copy and paste it into for a short link – this is really recommended for all URLs. You can let people know the name of your site and Twitter handle in the comments!

4. Open the ReciFoto app. Click the third tab at the bottom (looks like a camera). Select Album to pick your picture. Then type the recipe title add a space and one extra character, and paste the URL of the recipe.  One of the oddities of pasting is that it wants to copy over the last word of your title if you don’t add that space and extra character. You may find it easier to e mail the url to yourself and copy and paste it that way.

5. Hit submit and you are good to go.

6.If you want to edit the title, tap the fifth tab (the group of people). Click on recipes, tap the title and make your edits and hit return.

7. If you are unhappy with the result, you can tap the 4th tab (Chef’s Hat). Tap on the … on the bottom right of the recipe. Click delete.

It seems like a lot of steps, but it really is easy! Once you’ve done it once or twice it takes less than a couple of minutes for each recipe.

You can also add comments about your recipe by tapping the speech bubble.

And be sure to add your photo and profile in the fifth tab. We’d love to know more about you!

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll tell you how to add a recipe from

But you’re smart, so I’ll bet you can figure it out all by yourself.