Fundraiser Cookbooks

I was at my mom’s house yesterday to help her with her computer, and I noticed on her shelf a copy of her temple’s cookbook.  I had heretofore not given a thought to all the “fundraiser cookbooks” that are out there. What a great source they are for ReciFoto recipes*. These are all recipes that people cared about and felt good enough to send into a religious or educational institution where it would be displayed for hundreds of people in their community with their name on it.  Do you have one of these cookbooks on the shelf? Reach up, leaf through it, and take a picture of a recipe that strikes a chord with you.

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Here’s a recipe from Temple B’nai Jeshurun’s cookbook:

Vegetable Loaf

*Not one to let any grass grow beneath one of my ideas, I purchased two church cookbooks this afternoon, one from Tennessee and one from Illinois, each for less than $5 including shipping! There are a ton of these cookbooks out there.  What a great way to get a hold of proven regional recipes!

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