Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get ReciFoto, the social app for my recipes?

A: Download ReciFoto for  iPhone/iPod  and/or iPad for Free from the iTunes App Store.

Q: How do I delete a recipe?

A: Right now, there are two ways you can delete a recipe. The first is to go to and log in with the same username and password you do with the ReciFoto app.  Then click on your name in the upper right hand corner, and from the drop down menu, click on My Recipes.  Find the recipe you want to delete – scroll over the image to see the title – and then click the delete button. Please note that when you go back to the App version, you’ll have to log out and then log back in to the App. We’ll try to remedy this in the next release!

The other way to delete a recipe is to send an e mail to Include your username and the name of the recipe that you want to delete, and we’ll take care of it for you.

Q: Can I edit the title of a recipe once it has been submitted?

A: Not now, this should be in the next update too. So, for now, send an e mail to Include your username and the name of the recipe that you want to edit.

Q: Is there a charge for loading my recipes?

A: No! The app is free, adding your own recipes is free, searching for recipes is free. Sharing recipes is free. Almost everything is free except for the In App Purchase (see below), which is only $0.99 – practically free!

Q: What does the In App Purchase do? How do I get it? How does it work?

A: The In App Purchase allows you to collect other users recipes. You get it by clicking on the tile on the bottom right of a recipe with the three dots (…).  It is a one time only charge of $0.99.  You can collect as many recipes as you want. Once you’ve made the purchase, (you’ll have to enter your iTunes password when prompted to make it), add a recipe to your collection by tapping on the three dot tile again, and tapping Add to My Collection.  To see your collected recipes, go to the My Recipes Tab (Chef Hat), and tap on the Collections tile in the upper right corner.

Q: Is there an Android version?

A: Not yet, but it is in the works. It is about half finished, but I don’t have a timetable for completion since my developer went to Bulgaria from China and has stopped communicating (yeah, I’m a little grumpy about that, as well as really concerned about his whereabouts and well-being).  In the meantime, Android users can use the web version, located at  That works pretty well, but there are some issues that need to be worked on but – see above about my developer….. And if we do a Windows version, it will be after the Android version is up and running.

Q: With everything free, how are you making any money on this?

A: I’m so glad you asked! The In App Purchase helps, to the tune of $0.70 a pop. So, if you like the app, please consider making the purchase. There is an advertisement on this blog and, so when people click on those, we get some $ too.  Once we hit 50,000 active users, which is a way off, we’ll get some sponsored content, maybe.  I really don’t like the little ads at the top of Apps, and can’t see asking for money at every turn of the App, like Candy Crush Saga.  Once we have 450,000,000 users (we’re 449,992,000 short) we’ll sell ReciFoto to Facebook for $19,000,000,000, and it will all have been worth it. Making money in the Free App Economy is tough, so, if you like Recifoto, please tell all your friends so we can get to the 450,000,000 user threshold.  Daddy needs a new Tesla.

Q: How can I follow ReciFoto on Twitter or Facebook?

A: Ok, nobody has asked that. But on Twitter you can follow at @recifoto, and on Facebook, search for the Recifoto Fan Page.

Q: Can I write about ReciFoto in my blog or my big important newspaper?

A: Yes. We love publicity. And we’ll even give you some snappy quotes if you need them. And we’ll do our darndest to give you some love too! So thanks, and for being in the avant garde.


5 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions”

    1. Well, yes and no. Within the app, the best way is to take a picture of the back of the recipe card first, post it with the designation 2/2, part 2, continued, ingredients, or whatever you like best.

      Otherwise, if you want to get fancy-ish, there is an app called Frontback that you can download, use, save to your album and then add from your album. There’s another app called InstaCollage that you can use too.

      Since it is so quick and painless to add recipes/images (especially if you use the dictation feature that is so much improved in iOS8), your best bet is to probably just take the picture of the front and back, posting the back first so that as users scroll it will appear with the ingredients and initial directions first.

      I hope this answers your question. Thanks for downloading ReciFoto, and feel free to ask any other questions, make comments or suggestions for updates. We really do pay attention!

    1. There are no rules! If you have a picture of a dish, you can add a link to the recipe on your site in the title. If the page address is long you are best shortening with bitly or Google short link. Otherwise it may not work right.

      1. With the new iPhone version of ReciFoto, and soon on the iPad version, there is a new way to link to your blog or website. When you enter a new recipe, you’ll see a box below where you enter the title. If you add the URL to which you want to link, after you hit submit and go back to the Public feed – you may have to reload by pulling down on the top image and releasing – you’ll see that the title is hyperlink blue. Tap on the title, then on Go to Website in the pop up box.

        If the link does not work, it is because it is too long, in which case shorten by just using the domain instead of the page, or use Bitly or Google shortlinks to shorten it. You can edit this on the fifth tab by tapping the red Recipe tile, then the recipe name from the drop down list, then tap the title bar.

        You can still just put a hyperlink in the title bar, but the new system creates a cleaner, more elegant result! If you have any questions, contact

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