For History Buffs

For history buffs that like to cook, or cooking enthusiasts that like a bit of history, the recipes in the slide show ought to be interesting.  They are from the 1965 Temple Emanu-El, Dallas, TX Sisterhood cookbook, titled 5000 Years in the Kitchen. One recipe is for Martha Washington’s Crab Soup.  Of course since it was Dallas in the 60’s, they call her Mrs. George Washington.  Lady Bird Johnson (Mrs. Lyndon) has her recipe for Spoon Bread in the cookbook. And Lillian Zapruder (Mrs. Abe) has several recipes, two of which are included in the slide show. She is accidentally famous in that her husband took the now famous film – the Zapruder Film – of JFK being shot in Dealey Plaza in Dallas.

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When you buy these fundraiser cookbooks, you never know what curiosities you might find within. My interest in them was because of the “curated” recipes.  Getting people to upload their family recipes is more challenging than I would have anticipated going into this project. However, the recipes that people submit to their church, school, temple, service organization, etc. and have their name associated with at the bottom of the recipe, are exactly the types of recipes that I am hoping people will load into ReciFoto.

There must be tens of thousands of these fundraiser cookbooks out there, going back decades.  I’ve learned that there are companies that’s sole purpose is to help organizations produce these cookbooks. There’s all sorts of great cooking tips in the interstitial pages, as well as charts on what vegetables to pair with which meats, diagrams about cuts of meat, etc.

The great thing about the ReciFoto concept of adding photographic images of the recipes instead of inputting the ingredients and directions is that hundreds of recipes can be added in a fraction of the time that it would take to add them the other way.  eBay has scores of them for sale, and they are quite inexpensive.  I have a cookbook from 1924 on its way, plus a lot of 20 cookbooks from all over the country that cover 3 or 4 decades, and it cost $30, including shipping.

I hope you’ll take a little time out of your busy lives and scour your shelves and take out your iPhone and upload some of these recipes.  Of course your own family recipes are more than welcome, too!

So, please download ReciFoto, you can get it for free from the iTunes App Store: iPhone/iPod App and iPad App. Even if you don’t have the time today to add the recipes, get the app now, so you can have some fun scrolling through the 1500 recipes that are already uploaded.

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