Featured Features: Hashtags and Popular Searches

Hi ReciFoto-ists,

Today we’ll review two features of the ReciFoto app that you can have a lot of fun with.  The first is the Hashtag (#) feature.  On the first tab or page of the app (tap the covered serving dish icon), as you scroll down the recipe images, you’ll see some of the recipe titles have a blue # with a word next to it (i.e. #entree, #dessert, etc.). If you tap the blue text, it brings up the images of all the recipes in that category.  The next update of the app will also allow you to share those recipes and save them to your Collection.

When you are adding recipes, when you are adding the title to your recipe, you can add your own hashtag so that your recipe will come up in hashtag searches. Click HERE for more information on adding recipes. We do hope that you’ll add recipes and make them public.  The more recipes we have the better! Personally, I’m a big fan of those handwritten recipes that are tucked away on a shelf in a file box.  Please share!

The other neat feature I’d like to tell you about is Popular Searches.  On the second tab (tap the magnifying glass icon), You’ll see a list of  recent popular searches underneath the search box. When you tap on an item from the list, it will give you a list of recipes with that search term in the title.  You can then tap on any of those recipes and the recipe image will come up.  You can share any of these recipes via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  In the next update of the app, you’ll be able to like, comment on, and save these recipes to your collection.

As more and more people download and use ReciFoto, the Popular Search feature will give an interesting snapshot into what types of recipes are trending at a given time.



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