Double Whammy of Love

I would be remiss in not thanking Lauren Zalaznick for touting ReciFoto in PureWow’s feature 30 Days of WOW – Our Favorite Apps and also Tisha Leung for her lovely write-up and beautiful pictures on Recipes: from Messy to Organized. 

If you don’t subscribe to them already, why not check them out for a few weeks to see if you like them.  They are both well written, with great content.

It is really gratifying to see these articles that are about or including ReciFoto in them.  They yield lots of downloads, and more importantly, I think people are finding the App useful.

You can engage with the app in all sorts of ways.  You can play “recipe roulette” by swiping through the Public feed, you can search for recipes, you can add your own recipes, you can use it to capture recipes that you come across, you can share recipes, you can use the In App Purchase to collect recipes, you can have social interactions through Liking recipes and commenting on them, and you can follow posters whose recipes you like.

You can download the iPhone/iPod version here or the iPad version here.  If you have Android, take comfort in knowing that an Android version is in the works.  And in the meantime, you can access some of the features by registering at

If you are a writer or blogger and would like to write about ReciFoto, send an e mail to