Break on Through to the Other Side

Well, we’ve broken through the 2000 barrier and are now headed towards 2200 recipes, and will get there by the end of the night.  Keep those recipes coming.

Let’s spend a moment on how to make your recipes show up in the Public Recipe List. When you add a recipe, at the bottom right of the screen is aPublic On/Off little switch (with the iPad version, you may have to scroll down a little to see it).  The switch is marked Public, and the default setting is “Off.” So, if you want your recipe to appear in the Public Recipe List (first tab, the covered serving dish) – and we hope you do – you need to tap the switch.

If you’ve entered a recipe and forgotten to make it public, or have changed your mind and want to make it public, just go to the fourth tab, the chef’s hat, tap on the recipe to bring up the Public On/Off switch, and switch it to on, then hit Back at the top left of the screen.

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