Back to Work!

It’s Monday and a new work week has begun. Over the weekend, a bunch of people downloaded and registered the iPhone/iPod App or iPad App.

Interestingly, everyone who added recipes did it to their private recipes, rather than the public recipe feed. Private is the default selection, and I respect their decisions to remain private, but I get so excited when I open ReciFoto and see new recipes on the public feed, so go ahead, make my day!

Last week, I was on a tear adding chefs to the people I follow on Twitter, and have gotten a bunch of new followers to @Recifoto in return.  So, to all my new chef followers out there, especially the competitive amongst you, why not share some of your favorite recipes with us on the public feed.  Maybe we can get some kind of contest going if some of you respond. I am open to suggestions.

So, lets get down to business. Download the iPhone/iPod App or iPad App, or visit and register for free.



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