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Did you know you can search your ReciFoto recipes online, too?

We thank you for being part of the ReciFoto community. We always emphasize the ease and convenience of the app. But, did you know you add and search your ReciFoto recipes online, too? Anyone can search without being logged in. However, to access your recipe collection or add new recipes, you log in with the same email or username and password on the website as you do with the app.

Have fun searching!

Is there something you eat now that evokes your childhood?

A couple of months ago, we started The Madeleine Questionnaire, in which you are prompted to recollect some of your eating and cooking memories. Many responses have been submitted, and you can still do it by clicking HERE. Let’s have a look at some of the answers to our question: Is there something you eat now that evokes your childhood? Is there anything on this list that resonates with you?

As you can see, there are a lot of different foods that trigger our respondents’ childhood memories! Did any of the dishes listed above bring back remembrances for you?  If so, take a few minutes and answer The Madeleine Questionnaire by clicking HERE.

I’m not going to play favorites with people’s memories and cherry pick a few recipes from ReciFoto. Since most of the respondents are ReciFoto users, I invite you instead use the ReciFoto app or to go to and search for the recipes that intrigue you, or evoke your memories.

I will, however, share my mom’s jelly cookies recipe. She is still making them at age 86, and they never fail to please, or bring back my childhood memories.