Graham-a-palooza, or Mr. Proust Goes to Nursery School

I saw the first recipe below for Graham Muffins below in the public recipe feed on the ReciFoto app this morning, which led me to do a search on Graham on today.  When I was in nursery school, they would wake you up from nap time by placing a graham cracker on your tummy. As a result, I’ve always had a warm spot in my heart for graham crackers and that graham flavor. Perhaps the graham cracker is my petite madeleine, the cookie that set into motion Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past.

I’m a little confused by some of the recipes below because they are called graham this or that, but the recipe calls for whole wheat flour. Maybe someone reading this post can clarify that for me.

Here are the recipes resulting from my search, including the “whole wheat graham” recipes:

Do you have any favorite graham recipes? Please share them!

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Hi 🙂
Here’s what I found re: Graham flour. I love wiki!


I Love Apples

“Eat an apple on going to bed, And you’ll keep the doctor from earning his bread.” That’s the predecessor to the more widely known, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” We’re not dispensing any medical advice here, but apples have fiber, vitamin C, quercetin, phenols and they are just plain delicious and delightful to eat in all of their varieties and forms. After bananas, apples are America’s favorite fruit, with the average American eating 16 pounds a year of apples. Unfortunately, that’s only a fraction of the amount of sugar that we eat in a year in processed foods. I’ll refrain from getting on a soap box, and get on an apple crate instead.

It is peak apple season and your supermarkets, farmers markets and local orchards are chock full of an incredible variety of apples.

Here are a bushel of apple recipes from ReciFoto users, starting of course, with my mom’s!

Mom’s Apple Sauce Recipe. I use frozen raspberries without any syrup.

Applesauce Cake

Applesauce Drop Cookies

Mom’s Apple Crisp. Yum.

Apple Raita

Apple Kugel – I had a different version of this tonight with noodles in it!

Apple Fritters – ok, not so sure about eating this before bed or keeping the doctor away, but seriously delicious

Apple Mabel

Yes, these recipes have sugar in them, but you can probably cut back on some of the sugar without doing to much harm to the recipes! And where’s the apple pie recipe, you ask? Well, there will be another email one day with pies! And Apple Brown Betty? Well, after doing a little research, my hunch that the name is racist was born out, so, we’re going to skip that. See the recipe above for Apple Mabel? You can just substitute some bread cubes for the corn flakes. And do yourself a favor, and just call it Apple Betty!