iPad App Coming Soon

Although you can use the current iPhone version of Recifoto on your iPad, we’ll have a dedicated iPad version very soon.  It has been submitted to the App Store, but they left for vacation before it was approved.  We hope it will be available in a week to ten days.

And a Happy Birthday shout out to my sister Genesia!

The Recifoto Project


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Recifoto makes saving and sharing your recipes easy and fun. Click here to download the App for FREE from the iTunes App Store.

Join the Recifoto Project. Together we’ll build the world’s largest collection of photographic and scanned image based recipes.  If you or your loved ones have a file box, or ring binder filled with family favorite and time tested recipes, Recifoto  gives you the opportunity to have them on hand wherever you are, and to quickly and easily share them as well.

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