Is there something you eat now that evokes your childhood?

A couple of months ago, we started The Madeleine Questionnaire, in which you are prompted to recollect some of your eating and cooking memories. Many responses have been submitted, and you can still do it by clicking HERE. Let’s have a look at some of the answers to our question: Is there something you eat now that evokes your childhood? Is there anything on this list that resonates with you?

As you can see, there are a lot of different foods that trigger our respondents’ childhood memories! Did any of the dishes listed above bring back remembrances for you?  If so, take a few minutes and answer The Madeleine Questionnaire by clicking HERE.

I’m not going to play favorites with people’s memories and cherry pick a few recipes from ReciFoto. Since most of the respondents are ReciFoto users, I invite you instead use the ReciFoto app or to go to and search for the recipes that intrigue you, or evoke your memories.

I will, however, share my mom’s jelly cookies recipe. She is still making them at age 86, and they never fail to please, or bring back my childhood memories.


Fish In the Bathtub

I know today is Easter, and a happy Easter to all who are celebrating. However, I am Jewish, and we are currently celebrating Passover. Fun fact – The Last Supper was a Passover Seder. So, there is a convergence here. There are some great memories passed along in my family about Passover and cooking for it. My grandmother Bella used to make her own gefilte fish. When my mom was a kid, she would make it with fish so fresh that they would swim around in the bathtub for a day or so before she made it. When I was a kid, I remember watching her make it, although from fish that had already met their end. There were some mildly traumatic memories, though, of her removing the eyes from the fish heads.

Today’s featured response to The Madeleine Questionnaire, is from Leila, who has fond memories of her family’s Passover Seders.

I remember my grandmother using a large wooden bowl and a chopper to make the gefilte fish.

Here are a couple of gefilte fish recipes from ReciFoto. The first one is from my Aunt Jo’s cookbook. Aunt Jo notoriously left out an ingredient or step from some of her recipes. I’m not sure if it was so that you would call her to ask for her help, or if it was so that hers would be better. The second recipe is from a temple cook book.

Aunt Jo’s Gefilte Fish – she seems to have left out the chopping or grinding of the fish….

A more complete Gefilte Fish recipe:

There are lots of other recipes associated with Passover, matzah balls, matzah brie (sort of a French toast version of matzah), matzah kugel, brisket, macaroons and more. Do you have any favorite Passover recipes? Please add them to ReciFoto.

If you have any memories you’d like to share about enjoying and/or helping to prepare your holiday meals, please take this opportunity to fill out The Madeleine Questionnaire.

Bonus: Horseradish, which is often served as a condiment with gefilte fish.

From Crepes to Pierogis

It’s hard to believe but a month has gone by since the last installment of this blog. Between travel (Cartagena, Washington DC/Monticello/Montpelier) and a prolonged nor’easter related power failure, it’s been a crazy and often fun four weeks.

This week we bring the second installment of The Madeleine Questionnaire response and recipes series, based on the responses of Pam, who has a particularly rich and detailed set of answers to our questions. If you don’t know what The Madeleine Questionnaire is, you can read about it HERE.
And now, for the recipes. As a disclaimer, the recipes below are not Pam’s recipes, but come from those submitted by ReciFoto users, but that feel like they might not be to far afield from those Pam’s family made.

Mashed Potato
Roast Chicken
chicken noodle soup

sour cream meat balls (with a bonus- quick budget stretcher)


Thanks, Pam, for sharing your memories. If you get to read this and have your original recipes to share, let me know.

Do you have memories of eating and cooking that you would like to share? Then, please take The Madeleine Questionnaire! Click HERE to start.