Adding Links to Your Website or Blog When You Add a Recipe

With the new iPhone version of ReciFoto, and soon on the iPad version, there is a new way to link to your blog or website. When you enter a new recipe, you’ll see a box below where you enter the title. If you add the URL to which you want to link, after you hit submit and go back to the Public feed – you may have to reload by pulling down on the top image and releasing – you’ll see that the title is hyperlink blue. Tap on the title, then on Go to Website in the pop up box.

If the link does not work, it is because it is too long, in which case shorten by just using the domain instead of the page, or use Bitly or Google shortlinks to shorten it. You can edit this on the fifth tab by tapping the red Recipe tile, then the recipe name from the drop down list, then tap the title bar.

You can still just put a hyperlink in the title bar, but the new system creates a cleaner, more elegant result! If you have any questions, contact

You Go, iPad Users!

I might be wrong, but it seems to me that the iPad users of ReciFoto post a lot of recipes that they screenshot from the internet, either from FaceBook or whatever favorite food/recipes sites they have. I think this is really cool. We started ReciFoto because it was dedicated to recipes, and would make it easier for you to find and store the recipes you love, no matter what the source.

In no particular order, here are my observations of the top sources for recipes on ReciFoto:

Treasured family recipes that are either handwritten or typed

Community/church/temple cookbooks

Paste ups (recipes clipped from newspapers and glued to 3 x 5 cards)

Pages ripped from magazines

Internet screenshots

Whether you are posting one recipe, 600 recipes, or just browsing others, we’re glad that you are taking advantage of what the app has to offer. The community grows everyday, as does the number of recipes posted. The search function gets a good workout as well. Hopefully more users will get the In App Purchase for 99 cents, which allows them to collect recipes from the Public recipe scroll and their searches. It’s not enough to keep the lights on here, but it helps!

You can download ReciFoto for iPad here.


Hey, if you like the ReciFoto app, could you take a couple of minutes and give us a review?

A user left this one star review on the iTunes App Store yesterday for ReciFoto for iPad:

“I was hoping this would be the app I have been searching for. It is not. If you have Instagram on your device than you already have this app. It’s a photo sharing app, but instead of pictures of food its pictures of people’s handwriting telling you how to make food. There is no integration into a recipe book outline and you can only use one photo per recipe. This doesn’t even attempt to make it feel like a recipe app, but more of a social app. It does state this in the description, but maybe the creator should have given it a different name.”

On the one hand they are right, and on the other hand they are completely wrong. ReciFoto was intentionally designed to be different from all of the other recipe apps out there.  We did not want it to be an app that you had to enter ingredients and directions for each recipe you wanted to upload, there are dozens, if not hundreds of apps that do that, and thousands if you start counting websites.  Our goal is to take advantage of the really great cameras built into your phones and tablets.  Just take a picture of the source recipe, add a title, and you’re done.  If you need more than one picture for a recipe, you can label the additional pictures as such in the title.

If I had to give an elevator pitch for ReciFoto, I might even say that it’s like Instagram for recipes. But, the goal was to have an app that was photo generated, but recipe specific.  We did not want you to wade through selfies, or family pictures or great ideas for interior decorating. It’s a photo based recipe app with social network elements, and there are lots of sharing possibilities that can be accessed including e mail, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and many more.

And you can take pictures of food and post those if you prefer to do that than take recipes, which several users have done. There’s one user who is a pastry chef and his stuff is incredible! As long as your keeping your pictures on topic, the ReciFoto police are not going to come and take them away!

And if you read the description of the app, which this reviewer said he/she did, it is pretty clear in describing what the app is  all about.

Here’s the current description from the iTunes App Store:

-ReciFoto is a fun way to browse through recipes, with just a flick of your finger. And, ReciFoto makes saving and sharing your recipes easier than ever. ReciFoto is the social network for your recipes.

-Add your own recipes using your iPhone’s camera or from your albums.

-Search and view the thousands of recipes, like them, comment on them and follow other users.

-Take a picture of the recipe you want to save, or load it from your device’s album.

-Make it Private, so that only you have access to it, or share it with other Recifoto users by making it Public, so they can like and comment on your recipes.

-The only information you have to enter is the recipe’s name – you can even use your iPhone’s microphone to dictate the title.

-There is no tedious entry of ingredients or instructions.

-You can add a Hashtag (#) so that your recipe can be searchable by that label (i.e. #dessert).

-You can also link to your food blog or website in the recipe’s title (i.e.

-When you see a Hashtag in a recipe’s title, tap it to see other similarly labeled recipes.

-You can scroll through the most recent 100 public recipes loaded to the the site with a flick of your finger.

-With the one time In App Purchase, you can add a public recipe to your own Collection with a tap on the button below the recipe.

-All other Public recipes are available using theSearch function to search recipes by name. The search page will also show you what the most popular searches are.

-To share a recipe, just tap on it, hit the share button and e mail it, Tweet it, send it to Facebook, Pinterest or other social media, or save it to your device’s album.

-You can also Like and Comment on recipes.

If you have boxes or piles of recipes and you want to store them in the Cloud and share them quickly and easily with your friends and family, Recifoto is the app for you. Just snap, save, share and savor!

If you need help or have questions, contact

It may not be Hemingway, but it seems pretty clear to me. And the last bit about “maybe the creator should have given it a different name” has me really puzzled. ReciFoto is a contraction of “recipe” and “photograph.”

We’ve had about 20,000 downloads of the iPhone and iPad version, (with about 13,000 recipe/images uploaded) and maybe a dozen people have left reviews. People are generally too inert to even click the number of stars they want to rate the app. So, when a person goes out of their way (you do have to go back to the App Store), to leave a bad review, I am a little suspicious that there is an ulterior motive.

I don’t expect (or need) everyone to love the app. Criticism keeps us sharp and sometimes there is something constructive within it that can help improve it.

I am proud of what we’ve accomplished, and am gratified that many people seem to really enjoy the experience.  When you wake up and see that someone has added 80 recipes since you last looked, that’s pretty cool.

Sorry if this turned out to be a rant, when what I probably should have said is, “Hey, if you like the ReciFoto app, could you take a couple of minutes and give us a review?”

If you want to review either version of the app, click the Link for ReciFoto for iPhone or Link for Recifoto for iPad and then the blue View in iTunes button located under the ReciFoto logo.

Thanks for reading, and have a good week!

PS: In the time it took me to write that, 23 new recipes were posted.