Thanksgiving #Recipe Help From Recifoto

In a recipe rut? Terrorized by turkey? Crazed by cranberries? A quick use of ReciFoto’s search function will help you navigate some of these common holiday perils. Download the app from

And of course, we welcome your Thanksgiving (and other) recipes, too! If you really want to help, add #Thanksgiving to your recipe title to make it easier to search.


ReciFoto 1.4 for iPhone Is Here

If you already have ReciFoto for your iPhone, be sure to update it! If you don’t have it yet, why not give it a whirl? It’s fun and free. There are no major changes, but we wanted to optimize it for iOS 8, and get a few bugs out. You may find a few nice surprises along the way, but we’ll let you discover them for yourself.

Now, we’re working on a similar update for the iPad version, and Android will follow on the heels of that.

If you have any issues or questions, please let contact us via e mail at