Personalize the ReciFoto App

You can personalize ReciFoto by adding a short bio and profile picture.

From the app, go to the profile tab on the bottom right. Tap on the silhouette image and you’ll be able to add a profile picture either from your camera or album. If you are taking a picture, you can add a cool filter to the image, if you want, too.

Just below the profile picture and the red account tile, you’ll see the words “No bio posted.” Tap on that and add a short bio. Then tap, the Done button.

It doesn’t take long and adds a great social dimension to your ReciFoto experience.  You can change the profile picture and bio as your mood suits you.

Editing Recipe Titles on the iOS Version of ReciFoto

To edit the title of a recipe that you have already submitted, go to the Profile Tab, the fifth tab on the bottom. By tapping on the Recipes tile, you can see a list of your recipes.   Tap on any of the Titles to go to the recipe. Once the recipe has loaded, tap on the red title bar.  The text will change from white to black.   Make the changes you want, and then hit return. Make sure you hit return to save the changes!

This feature is not available on the current Android version, but will be in the update.  But fear not, you can log in to instead, click on your name in the upper right, click on My Recipes, and then you’ll see a button under each recipe that will let you edit the title.


Your #Recipes Social Network

Your Recipes’ Social Network

ReciFoto is the social network for your recipes. It makes saving and sharing your recipes easy and fun. According to’s  review, “This free new app is like Instagram for recipes.” Just take a picture of a recipe you want to save, or load it from your device’s album. Make it Private, so that only you have access to it, or share it with all ReciFoto users by making it Public.  The only information you have to enter is the recipe’s name; there is no tedious entry of ingredients or instructions.

You get the following features with ReciFoto:

  • Add an unlimited number of your own recipes
  • Add a hash tag (#) to your recipe’s title to make it searchable by category
  • Add a link in your recipe title to your website or blog
  • Search or scroll through thousands of recipes
  • Share recipes with just a couple of taps to e mail contacts, or Tweet it, send it to Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, or Flickr
  • Save other’s recipes to your own collection with a $.99 In App Purchase
  • Follow others whose recipes interest you and attract your own followers
  • Like and Comment on recipes

ReciFoto is the App to help you manage your file boxes or piles of recipes and share them quickly and easily with your friends and family. Just snap, save, share and savor! For more information on how to use ReciFoto, visit ReciFoto Tips and Tricks

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