Wish List

After a multi-month hiatus, my development team is back on the job.  Are there any features that you would recommend for the next version of ReciFoto? Any bugs that you’ve noticed?

We’d love to hear from you, so leave a comment below or send an e mail to support@recifoto.com.

If you don’t have ReciFoto yet, download it now for free: ReciFoto for iPhone/iPod and/or ReciFoto for iPad!

Experiment Experiment Experiment

I’m always trying to figure out ways to drive downloads of ReciFoto.  Without a doubt, the best and most cost-efficient way was the article that PureWow.com published. Unfortunately, I can’t take any credit for being the marketing genius behind that.  My friend Lauren Zalaznick recommended the app to them, and they ran with it.   The result was a great article and thousands of downloads.

We’ve been lucky enough to get nice write ups in other online publications too.  You can see all of the articles in this post. The great thing about these articles is that they don’t cost any money, and for a free App, that is a really important.  Some users do buy the In App Purchase, but not enough.  The holy grail here is to get enough users so that we can get sponsored content.

Some of the things we’ve tried so far, are Google advertising, Twitter advertising, Apple iAd advertising, Flurry advertising, Facebook advertising, a press release on PRNewswire), as well as having a presence on Twitter (@Recifoto), Facebook (ReciFoto Fan Page), and to a lesser extent Pinterest (ReciFoto).  I should probably do more with Pinterest than I do.  These all have varying degrees of success, but nothing has the impact of an article in a respected publication.

Any ideas?  Better yet, want to write something in your widely distributed blog? Oprah, Martha Stewart, Rachael Ray, are you out there?




“I found this FREE app that I LOVE LOVE LOVE!” from @luluandlattes

I was super pleasantly surprised to note yesterday that luluandlattes.com included ReciFoto in its Mother’s Day Gift Guide.  This is how Amy from Lulu and Lattes starts the pertinent section, “Lastly, this is not a gift to give but a gift I am giving all of you momma’s!!! I found this FREE app that I LOVE LOVE LOVE! It is called Recifoto.”  She concludes her piece with, “Brilliant!! Love this because I have friends email me recipes all the time and I constantly have to scroll back and look for them! Now I can screenshot and upload to Recifoto.”

Amy has a loyal cadre of readers, and her blog is relevant, entertaining, and attractive.  We’ve gotten lots of downloads as a result of her article, and for that we are grateful. Even better, they’ve been uploading recipes like crazy, although mostly to their private feeds.

So, thanks for spreading the word Amy. And to you, my own loyal cadre, check out luluandlattes.com and subscribe!