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Chow Chow

Another fundraiser cookbook arrived today, this one from the Pactolus United Methodist Church in Kingsport, TN.  There are a lot of pickling recipes, including 3 for chow chow! I don’t think the temple cookbooks have any for chow chow.

There are some other interesting recipe names here, too.  Idiot Rolls, Brides Delicate White Cake, Ugly Duckling Pudding Cake, Johnny Marchetti, Dip Dops, Glorified Rice, Mildew Bars, and Nutty-Noodley Clusters. They’re not on ReciFoto yet, but they’ll get there.

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5000 Years in the Kitchen

The first of my church/temple fundraiser cookbooks have come in the mail.  It’s 5000 Years in the Kitchen from the Sisterhood of Temple Emanu-El in Dallas, TX, published in 1965.  I’ve just started looking through it and adding recipes to ReciFoto.  As interesting as the recipes are, some of the names of the recipe contributors are even more so.  Mrs. Abe Zapruder has contributed several recipes (so far Cheese Pancakes, Knishes, and Strudel).  She’s the wife of the man who shot the famous film of the Kennedy assassination.  There’s also a recipe from Lady Bird Johnson, wife of President Johnson (Spoon Bread).  I hope to find more interesting names associated with the recipes as I go along.

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Easy Peasy – Best Practices

I have three favorite ways to get recipes into ReciFoto.

The easiest and most straightforward way is to simply take a picture of a recipe card from within the app.

Another great way to is to use your device’s camera on the Square setting.  You can then edit the image, using the auto enhance and crop features and add the image from your album. This is great if you are snapping recipes from a family cookbook or fundraiser cookbook.

The third of my favorite ways is to use the scanner on my printer.  You get a nice crisp image. This is particularly useful if you are copying an older less crisp recipe card.

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Fundraiser Cookbooks

I was at my mom’s house yesterday to help her with her computer, and I noticed on her shelf a copy of her temple’s cookbook.  I had heretofore not given a thought to all the “fundraiser cookbooks” that are out there. What a great source they are for ReciFoto recipes*. These are all recipes that people cared about and felt good enough to send into a religious or educational institution where it would be displayed for hundreds of people in their community with their name on it.  Do you have one of these cookbooks on the shelf? Reach up, leaf through it, and take a picture of a recipe that strikes a chord with you.

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Here’s a recipe from Temple B’nai Jeshurun’s cookbook:

Vegetable Loaf

*Not one to let any grass grow beneath one of my ideas, I purchased two church cookbooks this afternoon, one from Tennessee and one from Illinois, each for less than $5 including shipping! There are a ton of these cookbooks out there.  What a great way to get a hold of proven regional recipes!

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Aunt Jo

My Aunt Jo passed away the other day and her funeral is up in Boston tomorrow, she was almost 91.  She was originally from Newark, NJ. She loved to cook, and loved to share recipes.  She even put together a self-published book which she gave to all her grandchildren and nieces and nephews with all of her recipes called Making Memories.  Those recipes are making their way onto ReciFoto under the UserName Aunt Jo.

Sometimes her recipes were a little vague in the direction department or left out a key step or ingredient, but more often than not they were really good.  Since she lived in Massachusetts for most of her adult life, here is a New England recipe from her book:

Clam Cakes

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