ReciFoto Contest for Bloggers

Hey Bloggers, we invite you to join in our ReciFoto Blogger Contest! Write about ReciFoto in your blog between now and February 28th, including a link to ReciFoto for iPad and/or ReciFoto for iPhone in the article.  Then, send a link to the article to

You can write a review, tell how you used the app, talk about some of your favorite features, you favorite recipes, or whatever! Be creative.  We love creative.

Contest winners will be notified March 1. Winners will receive a $25 American Express gift card.

Good luck, and have fun.


10 Reasons Why You Need ReciFoto for iPhone

  1. You have a hankering for pancakes and ReciFoto has over 3 dozen pancake recipes!
  2. You have a pile of recipes on your desk and you don’t know what to do with them.Crostini
  3. Your grandmother has a zillion great recipes on file cards that you really love and you want an easy way to have access to them.
  4. There’s nothing like homemade bread, and there are more than 20 recipes for different types of bread.
  5. You’re at the doctor’s office leafing through a magazine and you see a recipe that you love and don’t want to tear out the page, because you’re not that kind of person.
  6. You love to look through other people’s recipes!
  7. There are over two dozen recipes with chocolate.
  8. By downloading the ReciFoto app to your iPhone, registering and adding three public recipes, you’ll be able to participate in our frequent contests and win valuable prizes.
  9. The Inuit have many words for snow, and we have  over 40 recipes for chicken.
  10. ReciFoto is available as an iPhone/iPod App, an iPad App, and on your computer at

For information on how to get the most out of ReciFoto, click HERE.

Flash Contest!

*** UPDATE*** We have our  winners! User names: dwrann, cathycrowther and Granny!  We’ll be sending them each a $25 AMEX Gift Card.   #Easymoney ***UPDATE***

ReciFoto, is trying to create the world’s largest collection of photos of recipe cards, an encyclopedia of everybody’s recipes. So, without your help, we’re nothing.

Ok, here’s the dealio. Want a shot at winning a $25 American Express Gift Card?  First, Click HERE to Download ReciFoto for iPhone or Click here to download ReciFoto for iPad! It’s an iOS7 App and its FREE.

Next, register and log in.  Also FREE.

Next, take a picture of 3 legibly written or typed recipes and post them to the Public Recipe feed.  (Don’t worry, it’s really easy) Once you’ve done that, send an e mail to, so we can notify you if you’re a winner.

The first 3 to fully complete these simple tasks will win a $25 American Express Gift Card.

Winners will also be posted on this blog.

For more information on how to use ReciFoto, click HERE.

Good luck!

Together We Shall Rule the (Recipe) World!

We’ve embarked on a project to build the world’s largest crowd sourced collection of photos of recipes and you can be a part of it.  All you need to participate is an iPhone or iPad with iOS7 and to download the ReciFoto app from the iTunes App Store, which you can do for free by clicking HERE for ReciFoto for iPhone or Click here to download ReciFoto for iPad!

ReciFoto has a ton of great features. You can follow your favorite posters, like their recipes, and comment on them. You can post your recipes by taking pictures of them or if you already have the picture on your phone, you can post it from your album.

To learn about all the neat things you can do with the ReciFoto App, click HERE.

Thanks for visiting and if you are visiting from StumbleUpon, a big Thumbs Up to you! So, let’s have some fun together. Download RecoFoto for iPhone and ReciFoto for iPad!


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Follow, Follow, Follow

Tap on the name of the recipe’s poster, and you’ll go to that user’s profile page.  You can read their bio if they’ve posted it, Tap on the green Follow button and you can follow them.  Here, you’ll see recipes they have posted, how many recipes they’ve posted, how many are following them, and how many they are following.

Tap on one of the red tiles (recipes, following, followers). If you tap the Recipes tile, you’ll get a list of their recipes, and you can tap on any of them to go to it.  Tap on the Following and Followers tiles, and you’ll see the list of whom they are following and their followers.  Click on any of those names, and you’ll see their recipes!

Have fun following!

ReciFoto 1.2 for iPhone Is Now Available

The updated ReciFoto iPhone app is now available from the iTunes store.  The app is still FREE.  Now you can post a profile picture of yourself, and write a short bio.  Additionally, you can follow other users whose recipes you like. And you can pinch out to zoom more easily.

We hope you like the enhancements and will continue to share your recipes.


The Easiest Way to Save and Share Recipes

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Coming Attractions

We hope to have the new iPad version of Recifoto out in a few days, maybe even sooner.  It has some great new features, including the ability to follow other Users.  So if you like their recipes, you can follow them and have them easily accessible. You’ll also be able to access your recipes as well as those whom you are following in list form, so you’ll have another convenient way to find your favorites.

The iPhone version of Recifoto is also in the queue to be updated with the same features.



Featured Features: Hashtags and Popular Searches

Hi ReciFoto-ists,

Today we’ll review two features of the ReciFoto app that you can have a lot of fun with.  The first is the Hashtag (#) feature.  On the first tab or page of the app (tap the covered serving dish icon), as you scroll down the recipe images, you’ll see some of the recipe titles have a blue # with a word next to it (i.e. #entree, #dessert, etc.). If you tap the blue text, it brings up the images of all the recipes in that category.  The next update of the app will also allow you to share those recipes and save them to your Collection.

When you are adding recipes, when you are adding the title to your recipe, you can add your own hashtag so that your recipe will come up in hashtag searches. Click HERE for more information on adding recipes. We do hope that you’ll add recipes and make them public.  The more recipes we have the better! Personally, I’m a big fan of those handwritten recipes that are tucked away on a shelf in a file box.  Please share!

The other neat feature I’d like to tell you about is Popular Searches.  On the second tab (tap the magnifying glass icon), You’ll see a list of  recent popular searches underneath the search box. When you tap on an item from the list, it will give you a list of recipes with that search term in the title.  You can then tap on any of those recipes and the recipe image will come up.  You can share any of these recipes via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  In the next update of the app, you’ll be able to like, comment on, and save these recipes to your collection.

As more and more people download and use ReciFoto, the Popular Search feature will give an interesting snapshot into what types of recipes are trending at a given time.